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Innovative Windows and Glass known for 24/7, affordable, reliable windows, doors, and glass installations, repair, and replacement services in Penryn, CA.

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If you need new windows or doors, or maybe the perfect contractor who does both, contact us today! We offer top quality window and door installations and repairs for all types of homes and budgets. We guarantee our workmanship and pride ourselves on our customer service.

24/7 emergency glass repair and replacement service

Most residential, commercial, and industrial buildings have glass windows, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. A wide variety of aesthetic and practical products are included with glass doors. Glass partitions can be opaque, translucent, or mirror-like. They are approved for indoor or outdoor use, similar to glass doors.

Glass mirrors are used as decorative accents on tables, doors, and other surfaces. Regardless of whether you require installation or replacement services for windows, doors, or glass, we can assist. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff at Innovative Windows and Glass in Penryn, CA can take care of everything for you.

#1 Commercial & Residential Window and Door Repair Company

Innovative Windows and Glass values its clients, thus we make sure that our door and window glass services are open and honest, offer 100% client satisfaction, and follow safety regulations. For residential and commercial window, door, and glass installation services in Penryn, CA, we’ve worked with a large number of clients. The first thing our skilled team does while providing emergency service for broken window or door glass replacement for clients is to check for any glass debris. We measure the entire window or door after assessing the extent of the damage.

We will offer high-quality window replacement services following an analysis of the shattered window glass. The same is true of our services for replacing doors and glass. We offer our customers effective replacement and installation services around-the-clock using high-quality items. We are the go-to professionals if you need any window, door, or glass service in Penryn, CA. Call us right away or ask for a free estimate online.

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Our Services

We provide highly professional yet affordable glass, door, and window services for both residential and commercial properties in Penryn, CA. You can avail any of the following services from our skilled team.

Window Installation

The majority of window installations for Penryn, CA homes and businesses may be handled by our skilled window installers. Our window installation specialists have extensive training in custom windows as well. They are capable, responsible, and trustworthy. Because they complete the job correctly the first time, homeowners depend on us for window installation and other tasks.

Window Replacement

Give us a call if you’re unclear about whether you need to replace a window. We would be pleased to evaluate the efficiency and soundness of the present window you have. We’ll remove your window and install a new one as soon as we can if it has to be replaced. We are aware that shattered windows can compromise the security of your house or place of business. This is why we even offer same-day window replacement services.

Custom Doors

Our customers in Penryn, CA can also have custom doors from Innovative Windows and Glass. The variety of alternatives available when designing your bespoke door with us is one of the nicest features. We can make a custom door that is the exact same size as your existing one and will fit your door jamb and frame. We enjoy working closely with our customers to design and make the ideal door, and we take great pride in assisting them in adding this finishing touch to their houses and indoor replacement services.

Glass Installation

For all of your residential and commercial glass service needs, contact our business. Glass installation services for both homes and businesses are our area of expertise. On the foundation of client pleasure and the highest service standards, we work to develop long-term connections. We provide our clients with quick glass installation services because we have the knowledge and equipment to complete the work efficiently and with the least amount of disturbance.

Glass Repair & replacement

With our glass repair and replacement services, our specialists work hard to save you money and time. With in-store appointments or a mobile service unit, we provide convenient glass replacement services.  When you rely on our experts, we provide first-rate service. In Penryn, CA, our technicians are qualified professionals prepared to service your residential or commercial glass.

How Our Service Works

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The very first step you need to take in order to avail of our services is to contact us. Talk to our crew and tell them in detail what sort of service you need whether for windows or doors. You can ask them if you have any confusion and clear everything before taking our service.


After you consult with our expert crew member, we will send our professional inspectors to your house or office in Penryn, CA. They will thoroughly inspect your whole place and decide whether your door or window needs repair or replacement services.

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After the inspection, they will offer you our best and most suitable service according to your problem. They will also provide you with a budget estimate so you can have an idea of what you'll pay after our services.

Enjoy The Best Services

Ouri nnovative windows and glass expert crew will come to your office or house on the scheduled day and provide the best window, Door and glass repair, installation or replacement services.

Why Choose Us?

If you live in Penryn, CA and want to enjoy the following benefits along with our professional window, door, and glass installation services then make sure to choose us.


By selecting Innovative Windows and Glass, you can rest assured that you will get the best possible quality and individualized service available. We take pleasure in our professionalism, reliability, consideration, and cleanliness.


You can get in touch with us even outside of regular business hours, making communication with us simple for you. Anytime you reach out to us, a member of our qualified staff will respond right away. We provide skilled assistance that guarantees the greatest outcome and highest level of satisfaction for anything from door installations to window replacement services.

Experienced Crew

With our extensive industry knowledge, we have been able to put together a team of highly skilled specialists who can boast an unequaled breadth of knowledge from years of managing numerous projects for thousands of delighted customers. For each project, we have the appropriate team.


The windows and doors’ age has a big impact on this. If they are more than 25 years old, you can replace them. This increases the energy efficiency that new windows and doors provide.

Doors and windows have different shapes, sizes, and colors. There are steel, fiberglass, and wooden doors available for doors. You can choose from a variety of window alternatives based on your preferences.

Depending on what your top priorities are, it varies from person to person! However, in general, consider elements like style, energy efficiency, and ease of use.

The most energy-efficient materials for your windows and doors are fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. You can speak with our experts, who will provide you with detailed advice on the best materials.

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Innovative Windows & Glass is a local company. Over the years, we have helped thousands of homeowners in Penryn, California to improve their homes. Our replacement windows, entry and patio doors are some of the best products available today.




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